We believe that God created us male and female in his own image to know him, love him, live with him, and glorify him.  We are created and intended for relationship with God and with others. (Genesis 1:27)

Therefore, we see Community Groups as an essential part of every Christian's life.  We desire for all people to be actively involved in a Community Group to grow and be transformed by the gospel.

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Ministry Team Leader: Daniel Robbins
Email: daniel@logancc.org


The Connection Cafe provides an opportunity to connect with others while enjoying a cup of coffee!  We are a cafe that offers a variety of flavors of lattes, both iced and hot, along with pastries.  We are open every Sunday morning from 9-9:30AM and 10-10:30AM.  Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay up-to-date and see when we have special pop-up dates!

If you have questions regarding this ministry, or even a special request for your favorite coffee, contact Delaney Ettleman.

Ministry Team Leader: Delaney Ettleman
Email: drayettleman@gmail.com


The Great Day of Service is an opportunity that our church makes once a year to do service projects around our community.  The service projects are physical, nonphysical, and spiritual activities.
By joining with our brothers and sisters in Christ, we hope to engage our community with the Gospel 
through acts of service because of Christ and His love for us.

Ministry Team Leader: John & Kim Armstrong
Email: kim22john@gmail.com


In his book, The Pursuit of God, A.W. Tozer once wrote, "it is a solemn thing and no small scandal in the kingdom, to see God's children staring while actually seated at the Father's table."  We believe that every Christian must pursue God and find their greatest satisfaction in knowing him.  Therefore, we desire to provide opportunities to study the word of God together so that each person may be built up into the fullness of Christ (Ephesians 4:15)

Ministry Team Leader: Kyle Drown
Email: kyle@logancc.org


We love getting together whether for work, fun, or fellowship!  
If you have a suggestion for an event or area of service, let us know.

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Community groups help people grow in their faith and build relationships with other as they focus on gospel fellowship. Our groups take place throughout the week in different neighborhoods, so use this form to find a group that's right for you. We'd love to have you join us!