College Scholarship

 The purpose of this scholarship to provide financial assistance to students who have/are attending Logan Christian Church and are attending a Christian College to earn a degree in an area of full­ time ministry. (e.g.­ missions, preaching, youth ministry, music ministry, etc.)

The scholarship is awarded for a full calendar year with the second semester payment being contingent on the student remaining in school and a GPA of 2.5 or above. The scholarship is available for full and part ­time students obtaining an undergraduate degree, masters degree, or doctoral degree.

The amount of the scholarship is dependent upon funds available.  Final decision on scholarships is by approval of the Logan Christian Church Eldership.

Scholarship deadline: The application must be submitted to the Logan Christian Church by July 1 to be considered for the following academic school year.

Late applications will not be considered.  

Bible College Scholarship  Application 

Please submit this application no later than July 1 in order to be considered as eligible
for reception of the LCC Bible College Scholarship

If you will be a student classified as a sophomore or higher you need to provide an official transcript with this application. Please email a copy of your transcript to

Thank you for your requests!