Logan Christian Church (LCC) is a place where people can experience Jesus,  engage in life-giving community, and are welcome.  

At LCC our mission is to engage and impact our community with the Grace and Truth of Jesus Christ.  We want to help you grow in your
relationship with Jesus.

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Latest Sermon

"Every Christian needs more Bible, more spiritual food than one meal a week. That doesn’t work physically or spiritually. Temptations are too relentless. Doubt is too frequent. Satan is too active. Tribulations are too heavy. Conflicts are too many. Emotions are too volatile. Perplexities are too difficult. Faith, hope and love are too threatened to think I can deal with these all week long, simply from one word I got on Sunday. I can’t do it.  And I don’t think anybody can." - John Piper

Sunday Morning Times

Worship  Service Times

8:15AM & 10:30AM
5th Sunday's
Every month that has a 5th Sunday in it we will only have One Service at 9:30AM that week with a fellowship meal to follow.

Sunday School

9:30AM - 10:15AM


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